How to Open RAR on Mac

Mac Operating System, commonly known as Mac OS, might be tricky to use if you are switching from the Windows Operating System. Certain terms and labels in the Mac OS might confuse new users

How to transfer photos from mac to iPad

If you recently started using iTunes then chances are that you will not have a clear idea of how to transfer photos from Mac to iPad.

How to Update Apps on iTunes

– for your iPhone

For most part, you can update your iPhone applications directly from your phone but sometimes, the size of the application is too large or the downloading limit of your network is small.

How to make a Zip file on Mac

Compressing Folders on Mac

Mac is a series of computers designed by Apple. It includes a number of portable notebooks and tablets. Apple not only designs the hardware but also develops the operating system used by Macintosh.

How to get music from YouTube to iTunes

YouTube acts as a best platform where music lovers could listen to beautiful music pieces online without any trouble. The website contains unlimited music videos that could be viewed anytime you want. However, the site requires internet connection for you to enjoy endless music entertainment. Therefore,

How to download YouTube videos Mac

Using your Mac, you would have quite a few options to download the YouTube videos. However, to have limited options does not mean that we are out of luck and we cannot make use of reliable software to download our favorite music videos from YouTube. If you want to know how to download YouTube videos Mac then there are various YouTube downloaders available for the Mac owners that work perfectly and are not any less than what you find on Windows.

How to Block YouTube on iPad

– For Parental Control

Using the iPad is a lot of fun especially for your kids and for the entire family. Many of its applications actually promote a healthy interactive environment amongst kids and their parents. However,

How to close apps on iphone

For Better Battery Life and Performance

Having an iPhone or an iPad is a lot of fun because you can spend hours using the apps, getting entertained and playing some of the amazing games around.

How to Share iTunes Library

Do you want to know how to share iTunes library?

How to Import Contacts from iPhone to Mac

If you are a new Mac book user, you may not be aware of how to import contacts from iPhone to Mac. But the iCloud technology has made the process pretty simple,

How to restore iPhone

Restoring an iPhone to its original factory settings is a great way to repair the damages caused by downloading unauthorized programs to your device. Once a user knows how to restore iPhone, it can help him or her convert the phone to its original settings.  Here we will discuss how to restore iPhone

Memorex Karaoke Machine Review

Do you like to sing? Are you just looking for a way to have a good time with your friends? No matter what your karaoke system need is, you are going to love Memorex Karaoke Machine.

Karaoke Warehouse Review

Karaoke Warehouse is a karaoke retail company in Columbus, Ohio. This company has been in the market for more than three decades. You would get the best and high quality karaoke products from this company.

Karaoke Channel Review

The Karaoke Channel gives you an opportunity to browse through a collection of songs and playlists, download them or play them online.

Emerson Karaoke Machine Review

For any karaoke enthusiast, having a karaoke player is very important to enjoy singing to some of your favorite songs. When you are buying Emerson karaoke machine, which is definitely a good buy, you need to make sure that you get some of the most important features of a karaoke machine. In such machines by Emerson, you will normally find a large and bright color LCD screen that you can read from at a distance.