In this article we are going to show you 6 easy steps for How to Connect Blu Ray to TV. We are going to show you which is the best connection wire to use and how to make the connection on the back of the Blu Ray player and the back of your TV. If you already have the connection cable listed in Step 1 (below) this process generally takes just a few minutes. We’ve provided a few different links within the article so that if you need additional information on a particular topic you can find it easily. As well, at the bottom of this article we’ve published detailed photos showing the different connection configurations.

Step 1.  A Blu Ray DVD player can usually be connected to any type of TV however, because a Blu Ray player is designed to output High Definition video content there are only two types of cables that allow High Definition content to pass to a High Definition Flat screen TV such as a plasma, LCD or LED TV. Component Video and HDMI are those two cable options. If you have these cables already gather them. If you don’t have them then read on and/or purchase one of those cables.

Step 2.  Look at the back of your TV and see if you have an available HDMI port or an available Component Video port. Most of todays back of flat screen connections have these ports

Step 3.  Because HDMI is digital it is the best connection wire method to use to connect a Blu Ray to a TV. Connect an HDMI cable to both the back of your Blu Ray and to an available port on the back of your TV. If you decide not to use that method then you can use an analog Component video cable to make the connection. Be sure to color match the connectors otherwise this wire will not work correctly. If you use Component video you also need to make the audio connection, either use the Red White Audio or the Digital Toslink, both are pictured below.

Step 4.  The best way to connect Blu Ray audio to TV such as a Sony or any other brand of High Def Flat screen is with the HDMI. The HDMI transmits both video sync’d with the digital audio signal to the TV. The next best way to connect the Blu Ray audio to the TV is with a Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable. And the least preferred way to connect the Blu Ray audio to the TV is by using the commonly available analog audio Red and White wire.

Step 5. If your Blu Ray player has an Ethernet Jack then plug in a Cat5 Ethernet cord. If you have built-in Wi-Fi on your Blu Ray player, after you complete Step 6 then on your Blu Ray player input your Wi-Fi login information just like you would for a laptop pc or tablet such as an iPad (example of iPad Wi-Fi login click here)

Step 6. Plug in the power cord of your Blu Ray player and of your TV to an electrical Wall receptacle. Turn the Blu Ray on and then turn the TV on. Sometimes you need to wait up to 60 seconds for the Blu Ray to fully boot up before you will see the picture on your TV screen. Using the remote control from the TV manufacturer locate the button on the remote labeled, input or source. Press the input/source button and select HDMI or Component depending on which wire connection method you used. TVs typically do not have very many input options to choose so if you do not see the Blu Ray appear on your TV screen keep selecting different inputs until you see the Blu-ray screen appear. 

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