In this article we are going to show you 6 very simple steps for How to Connect DVD to TV. We will show you how to decide which type of connection cable to use and the best connection method as well as the least costly way to Connect your DVD player or portable DVD player to a TV. At the bottom of this article are 3 detailed photographs showing 3 different connection configurations. There are links provided throughout the article that are there to help you get more information on a particular topic if you want. Hooking up a DVD player to a TV only takes about 10 minutes unless decide you need to purchase a connection cable to complete the task.

Step 1.  If you have any spare connection cables laying around gather them to potentially use in this project.

Step 2.  Look at the back of both your DVD player and the back of your TV to see what connection options are available. You can also take a quick look at the images at the bottom of this article to see the back of our example tv and dvd.

Step 3.  Identify available connection points on both your DVD and TV which match each other in appearance.

Step 4.  Decide which is more important: (a) Connect your DVD to TV using the least costly method possible OR (b) Make the best connection possible which produces the best picture and sound

Step 5.  (a) If you have a cable with ends that match what was available in Step 2 connect that cable up to the DVD and the other end to the TV and be sure to color match the connectors where applicable. For help with this reference the photos at the end of this article

(b) If in Step 2 you determined the RGB (Red Green Blue video plus Red/White audio) Component Video connection options were available then purchase that cable and make the connection. You must color match the connections at both ends otherwise this cable will not work correctly. 

Step 6.  Plug in the power cord of the DVD player and plug in the power cord of the TV. Using the remote control from the TV manufacturer, identify and press the button labeled “input”.  If you made the connection with the Component Video cable then connect the Component Input (or AV#). And, if you used a Yellow Red White Composite cable then select that respective AV input. TIP: If you have difficulty try selecting different inputs on your TV using the TV manufacture’s remote (there are only a few inputs anyway) until the DVD player appears on your TV screen

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