There are several choices when it comes to “realistic” attachments for the Nintendo Wii, this time we are going to take a look at the CTA Wii 9 in 1 Sports Kit. This kit is made of lightweight plastic, so it isn’t a burden on your arms, and isn’t too flimsy or poorly made. Let’s have a look at what you get in this kit before we take a more in-depth look.

CTA Wii 9 in 1 Sports Kit 
comes with:

Baseball Bat

Tennis Racquet

  • Golf Club
  • Steering Wheel
  • Fishing Rod (with Spin Cast Reel)
  • Ping Pong Paddle
  • Pool Stick
  • Clear Wii-mote Cover
  • Wrist Strap

Obviously, the idea behind the kit is technically to add realism, and they do to a certain degree. Obviously, they aren’t going to have the actual size and weight of the object represented by each individual attachment, but they do add a certain touch of realism, especially in the case of the steering wheel, fishing rod, and pool stick attachments.

The steering wheel is the only attachment that is 100% a stand-alone piece. It is a little small compared to a real steering wheel, just like every other piece here is with its real-life counterpart, but that is to be expected. The Wii-mote snaps easily into place in the center of the piece and the lightweight construction of the wheel provides no extra burden when you are “driving.”

The other six attachments all share a common base. The base also allows for a quick and easy “snap-in” action for the Wii-mote. The different accessories are accomplished by attaching removable heads to the base. These heads screw off and on, which is a little more time consuming than a snap on design, but the screw on design helps to ensure that the head isn’t going to go flying off when you are swinging wildly at the ball. Even with the slight amount of extra time to screw the heads off and on, they are still fairly quick to change out and the added security is worth it anyways.

The most helpful of the accessories has to be the pool stick. Being able to hold the stick like a real pool cue not only adds realism, but it actually helps with keeping your shot straight and steady as opposed to just jabbing the Wii-mote forward without it when playing a game of pool.

The fishing rod attachment also adds a level of realism not quite matched by the other attachments thanks to the addition of the Spin Cast Reel. The Spin Cast allows you to attach your Wii nunchuck to the side of the rod and turn it just like you would an actual reel on a fishing pole. Obviously this isn’t a necessity, but it is still pretty nice and does a good job of making you feel like you are using a reel rod and reel, albeit a child’s rod and reel with the size of it.

The clear cover for the Wii-mote and the wrist strap are nice bonuses with this kit, but they are nothing to write home about.  Just added protection for your Wii-mote finish with the cover, and another wrist strap is always nice in case one of your old ones becomes damaged.

The bottom line on the CTA Wii 9 in 1 Sports Kit is that it is 100% unnecessary, however it does add a little bit of realism to your Wii play. This would especially be a nice pack to get if you have a family, as the children would surely enjoy it. The price is reasonable, added realism and fun, and the fact that the pieces are durable, make this a good value.

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