With today’s growing number of internet connected devices in a home, devices such as Smart TVs, gaming consoles, DVD players, and stereos, all needing access to the Home Computer Network and the internet Wi-Fi might be found to be too slow and running new Cat5 Ethernet cables to difficult. The solution is Ethernet over Electrical wiring.

Why not just use Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is pretty easy to set up. Generally, by having the Router’s SSID name, Encryption type and key/passcode any internet enabled device can get onto the internet. But, when it comes to the speed you need to watch an online movie or video from places like You Tube, Wi-Fi might disappoint. Nothing is as fast as a good old hardwire Cat5 Ethernet connection but that’s not always available or practical to retrofit into a home. This is where the Ethernet over Home Electrical Wires might be useful.

Ethernet over Home Electrical Wiring – How does it Work?

The most important component in a Ethernet over electrical wiring setup is the hub. This part plugs into an electrical receptacle located immediately adjacent your internet router. It’s powered by the receptacle but connected to the Router via a Cat5 Ethernet cable. Another Ethernet over Electrical wiring module is plugged into a different electrical receptacle located close to the device you which to allow Network and/or Internet access.

You can often add additional modules in other locations where you need Network Internet Access. The speed of these devices can be around twice that of Wi-Fi. If you’ve ever watched streaming video content over Wi-Fi you often experience video pausing caused by buffering, the Wi-Fi network is too slow for the huge amount of data flowing. This is why Ethernet over Electrical wiring might be a great solution.

What Equipment will I need?

Assuming you already have a working Home Computer Network you need a starter kit to get going. Depending on how many locations you want to add will dictate who many additional separate modules you will want to add. Lastly, the more electrical devices such as flat screen/TVs, washers & dryers etc. you have an run in your home you’ll also want to consider a electrical noise filter kits. This filters out the noise induced on your wires by these electronics and helps stabilize and speed the performance further of the Ethernet over Home Electrical Wiring product.

Network over coxial cable