Building a Network over Coaxial Cable can be a simple way to create a home or small business computer network while avoiding the hassle of installing new wiring inside an attic or fishing new wires within walls.

How does a Network over Coaxial Cable work?

The system works by tapping into the existing coaxial cable already installed in a home or small business. It does this through the use of adapters, one which plugs into your router and connects to a coax wall plate via a coaxial cable connector. On the other end is another adapter that converts the coax cable Ethernet signal back to a standard Cat 5 Ethernet wire which then connects to the device you want to add to your network.

Network over coaxial cable systems work mostly with only cable television service, however, not with satellite television service. The reason for this is because of the wiring methodology of satellite television service. Satellite TV wiring runs directly from the satellite set top box to the dish and often connects through a switch or other type of straight through barrel connecting block. This is different from cable service because the cable television service entering a building commonly does so via one coax wire and is then distributed to all the outlets in the house, much like the spokes on a bicycle wheel.

What types of Coaxial Cable work as a Network? In case you’re wondering the system does work with both the standard RG6 Coax cabling and Quad Shield version of RG6 as well as RG59. More often than not, these are the standard TV cable wiring found in homes and small businesses today.

network over coaxial cableThe Wi3 brand Network over Coaxial Cable system

Wi3 is a brand which specializes in offering products that transmit network over coaxial cable signals. The Wi3 system requires a proprietary, yet easy to install, filter that you simply twist onto the incoming coax wire of the home or building. This filter is located ahead of any coax splitters, high-speed internet modems, and cable amplifiers.

How Fast are the Internet Speeds of a Coax Network?

Very Fast!  Testing has shown the speeds to be directly in line with the speeds you’d experience if you were to connect your computer directly to your high speed modem.

Installing a Coaxial Cable Network:

Installing the Wi3 Network over Coaxial Cable is a pretty straightforward process. Here are some of the steps involved:

  1. Simply twist the specialized filter onto your incoming cable television service feed coax wire.
  2. Next, remove a coax wire faceplate close to the Internet Router and install a Wi3 module by reconnecting the in-wall coax and by connecting an Ethernet patch cord to your router.
  3. Now at the location you want to add a network connection repeat the last step only this time connect the Ethernet patch cord to the device you want to add to your network.
  4. Plug in the power to both adapters and watch them power up with the appropriate led indicator lights showing they’ve successfully established communication.
  5. With this system you can connect as many as 16 devices. 

Begin to enjoy surfing on your newly connected device.  Ethernet Over Electrical Wiring information here.