Angelcare – for the Safety of Your Little Angel

Safety of their children is the top priority of all parents; but what if you are able to keep an eye on your child while moving around the house and carrying on your daily business? This is exactly what the Graco baby monitors allow you to do. The basic principle on which the Angelcare baby monitors by Graco work is the detection of your child breathing. When the breathing is hindered, the alarm goes on and you know your baby needs you as soon as possible.

The Graco baby monitor kit includes a mattress sensor pad, which is placed under the baby’s mattress. It detects movements after every twenty seconds and if the movement gets too frequent, the alarm goes on. If you get up in the middle of the night to change your baby’s diaper, make sure that you unplug the sensor in due time, otherwise anyone sleeping nearby will be woken up by the alarm. The sensitivity of the senor can be adjusted according to your own requirements. Most of the time, it is advised that the sensitivity should not be increased from mid-level, because the alarm will start buzzing at the slightest moment of your baby otherwise. Many people keeping the sensitivity at a very high level have complained about false alarms; therefore do read the instruction manual in order to adjust the level according to your needs.

In addition to the sensor pad, the Graco baby monitor also includes two receiver transmitters, one for each parent and two charging bases. The remote receivers can be charged with AA rechargeable batteries while the nursery unit requires AC power for charging. Along with displaying your child’s actions, the nursery transmitter has a dip light for night vision and a thermometer. You set the temperature range on the monitor and if the temperature falls above or below the range, the alarm will go on. Apart from this, it also indicates when the parent gets out of range by sending a beep signal to the parent remote. So while moving around the house, you do not have to check the remote repeatedly to see if the signals are dropping, the Graco baby monitor will do the job for you.

A very important thing about the Graco baby monitors is the latest technology for voice clarity and picture visibility. The entire system of the Graco baby monitor is equipped with high tech software to ensure that you are able to listen to the slightest of noise that your child makes. With eight channels and a colored LCD display, this monitoring system can bring you peace of mind and a sense of security for your child. Since the monitor works fine on both GHz and MHz frequency levels, you do not have to worry about the wiring of your house either. The average price range of the Graco baby monitors is roughly between $ 100 and $ 150 depending on the kind of model you choose. Make sure that you read the specifications of the model thoroughly before you decide to buy it. 


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