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rf remote control extender

RF Remote Control Extender

What is an RF Remote Control Extender? Infrared remotes are generally limited to line-of-sight operation and shorter ranges. This device will

Logitech Harmony Link

Logitech Harmony Link

If you have ever looked for a great way to use your iPhone, iPad, or Android device as your TV remote, the Logitech Harmony Link remote system could be the perfect solution.

Wireless Remote Control Extender - Leapfrog by TERK

TERK Leapfrog wireless remote control extender

The Terk Leapfrog is a wireless remote control extender.  A wireless remote control extender is used to convert a standard inferred direct line of site TV remote

Control4 SR 250 Remote

Control4 Remote

The Control4 Remote is reliable, easy to use power in the palm of your hand. Control4 is a brand of equipment which is scale-able, allowing you to grow the system as your needs require and

Logitech Harmony Remote & Charging Cradle

Logitech Harmony TV Remote

Logitech Harmony Remotes are a good solution for when you want to replace several remote controls used to control things like a TV, set top box, and a Surround Sound Receiver with just one remote.

universal tv remote

How All in One Remote Controls work

Frustrated with all those remotes sitting on your coffee table? If so, this article might have the solution you’re looking for.