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iPod Classic

Taking Care of Your iPod Classic

Electronic gadgets can be easily damaged if not taken care of properly and even though Apple products are known for their sturdiness, good regular care will make an iPod Classic last as long as possible.

iPod Nano

The Next Generation iPod Nano to Feel the Beat of the Music

For all the music lovers, iPod Nano is the perfect device allowing you to enjoy your

iPod Battery, tips for making it last longer.

In this article we’ll look at 6 tips you can use to help extend your iPod battery life.


iPad Review Reveals Apple’s Ingenuity in iPad 3.

iTunes Gift Cards

What is it used for? iTunes gift cards can be a great tool for anyone who likes to download songs, watch movies or stay up to date with new media.

itunes match - what is it

iTunes Match

Is it actually worth it? What problem does it solve? A major problem faced by most of the iPhone and iPod users is that

Apple TV Review – Apple AirPlay

Apple TV Review with Airplay Troubleshooting Tips

In this article we are going to do two things, one is explain AppleTV, and the other is list specific tips to help resolve many issues people experience

iPad. More than a decade in the Making?

There’s little that hasn’t already been said about everything great about Apple, Mr Jobs, and iPad. Although  the first experience with Apple came in the 70’s, back when they were first