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Alexa Light Bulb, the complete guide before you buy

Alexa Light Bulb Features,Wifi vs. Gateway explained, Step by Step How to setup guides, Review of the Smart Light, Shop (we hope we’ll have earned your business), Service after the Sale

We’ve installed Lighting Systems throughout our 20+ year history and continually have looked for good products that we’d use in an installation or in our own home, the Alexa Light Bulb (aka: Smart Light) is just such a product.

Automatic Light Switch, how to turn your regular lights into automated lights.

This automatic light switch is actually a programmable motorized timer that you easily install by simply screwing it onto a light switch, a lever style, single pole light switch.

Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat

A Thermostat… or is it more?

Forget everything you’ve heard or know about programmable thermostats. Nest is a thermostat that practically programs itself and maybe saves you some money

Home Automation System

A home automation system allows the home owner to have automated control of many routine functions in their home. Depending on the complexity of the system, an automation system can control as many of the home systems as an owner would like. These systems not only offer a lot of convenience but they can help save electricity and improve the security of a home.

Automated Light Switch

Lighting Control

Depending on the type of lighting control system used, a homeowner can automate some or all the lights in their home. Automated lighting control has a few general benefits such as: providing security, control electricity costs, simplifying routine task, enhance the home during evening hours.