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How to wire home for cameras diagram

How to Wire a Home for Security Cameras

We’ve wired homes, both under construction and already completed homes, for security cameras. In this article we are going to take you through the steps for selecting which wires and tools to use and how to wire a home for security surveillance cameras.

IP Cameras Explained

Domain Name Service for Cameras – How you are able to view your cameras when you’re away

Domain Name Service Security Cameras

Lorex Camera Review

We completed the full installation of a Lorex four camera security system. Overall we were pretty pleased about the entire system for the given price. For information on how to wire a home for surveillance security cameras visit here.

Logitech Alert

Logitech Alert – Simple to install cameras viewable via your Smart Phone

The Logitech Alert camera system, overall, is a very good product which anyone can install. It’s a good product for several reasons. First, its about as easy a camera system to install as they come.

Nanny Cam

Nanny Cam

A nanny cam is any security camera used for the purpose of watching and/or recording both the care giver of a child as well as the child. The nanny cam that is used for

Logitech Alert Security Camera

Security Camera System Components

A security camera is simply a small video camera that is used to watch a particular area of a home or business. Using a security camera can have many benefits. One benefit is a security camera can create a strong deterrent to crime. Would be criminals might