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Roku 3 Apple TV compared

Not sure whether to buy a Roku 3 or Apple TV? Fret not, we’ve used both devices and we’re going to help you in your decision process by giving you our indepth look at both products.

How to Hook up TV

Believe it or not a lot of people have this question. We’re going to do our very best to answer it in a concise yet complete way.

OLED TV – The next generation of flat screens.

Say “good-bye plasma TV” and hello OLED TV.

Simple TV

If you’re looking for more flexible options to watch your over the air antenna home television programming such as on your

Samsung TV Clicking

Samsung TV Clicking

Is your Samsung TV Clicking? We put the easy repair steps here. Article, Photo, and a Video.

What is Slingbox

Slingbox Review

Slingbox is the name of a simple electronic gadget, made by a company called Slingmedia, which allows you to view your home TV programming from

Television Reviews and Ratings

Television Reviews and Ratings

Television reviews and ratings and other things to consider when shopping for your next television:

How do I get HD on my TV

The spectacular picture you get from watching High Definition television is amazing. You need two things to get HD;

A television - 3D

3D Movie Experience

If you’re wondering about 3D movies and whether they are as great to watch as some people say and the movie makers want us to believe I think you’ve come to the right spot.

Passive 3D Glasses

What is 3D TV

You may have asked yourself, what is 3D TV, well currently there are two kinds of 3D, there’s