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Russound CAA66 Review

In this article we are going to share our findings as it relates to the CAA66K from Russound compared against a competitive brand. We won’t mention the other brand other than to say, the price of the Russound CAA66K versus the competitive system were very close.

EOS digital wireless multi room audio system for iPod

EOS MultiRoom Audio

The EOS digital wireless multi room audio system can be used to easily fill your whole home with great sounding music. Music that follows you from room to room,

javascriptproficient audio zero wireless audio transmitter receiver back rear panel

Proficient Zero Wireless Audio

The Proficient Zero Wireless Music System is a wireless-based system that gives you a large variety of ways to get audio from point A to point B without all the hassle of running wires.

Sonos S5 Review

This device is a network music player, a high-quality music system that lets you get all the music that is sitting on your hard drive or in iTunes  and pull it all into one place. And to play it is easy. It produces nice clear sound.

Zeppelin Air

Mix one part Zeppelin with five rocking speakers… then throw in five amplifiers and what do you get?  Well… we’d have to applaud you if

ihome iw1 wireless speaker

iW1 Wireless Speaker by iHome

If you’ve been looking for an external speaker that you can listen to in any room in your home or office then the iW1 Wireless Speaker by iHome might be just what you need.

Impedance Matching Volume Control

Impedance Matching Volume Control

Impedance matching volume controls are a popular yet special type of stereo volume control used as part of a Whole House Stereo system. This Volume control typically only controls

Wireless Outdoor Stereo Speakers

Wireless Outdoor Stereo Speakers

If you have ever wanted to enjoy music from your home stereo while in your back yard you might find that wireless outdoor stereo speakers are the easiest way to go. These speakers work well for when you want to listen to the big game or your iPod or favorite CD too. Although speakers like this come with a few different types of features they all have basic things in common.

Abus audio - multiroom

Abus – Multiroom Audio

A-Bus is a patented, licensed technology designed to distribute Multiroom Audio signals throughout a home over Cat5 Ethernet. A-Bus systems have advantages over analog speaker wire only systems in that

Whole Home Distributed Audio System

Whole Home Audio

A whole home stereo system allows you to listen to music throughout your home. You can have a simple system which consists of speakers in another room from your main stereo to a system which has…