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A guide on How to Buy a Burglar Alarm

Although every experience in the buying process is unique we are convinced if you follow these 10 simple tips to Buy a Burglar Alarm you can enjoy both a reliable security system and savings.

how to install alarm system - diagram

How to install alarm system, a Step by Step guide

In this article we are going to show you all the steps for an alarm system installation in your home. This is designed only as a planning guide for each phase beginning with making a plan and how to buy the right alarm equipment, recommended tools for installation, and videos

SkyLink SC-1000 Wireless Alarm

The Skylink SC – 1000 wireless alarm system is a complete wireless alarm system and does not require any monitoring fees. The standard package contains the

Chamberlain CWA 2000 Wireless Motion Alert Driveway alarm

Chamberlain CWA 2000 Wireless Motion Alert

The Chamberlain CWA 2000 wireless motion alert is a simple device you can install yourself to alert you if people entry your property.

2 Gig Go Control Technologies Security Alarm

2 Gig Technologies Security System Review

The 2 Gig controller is designed around a user friendly touchscreen which has grown to become the icon of not only the home automation and home security industry but also the general home electronics community.

DSC Alexor Review

The all Wireless Security System from DSC

Alexor is the name of a burglar alarm system manufactured by Digital Security Control (DSC), a Canadian based manufacturerThe DSC Alexor system was designed as

Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector

Household Smoke Detectors go from boring to AMAZINGLY INTERESTING at 2 moments in life!

Moment 1: When the

Medical Panic Button

Medical Panic Button

A Medical Panic Button is specially designed to help the wearer notify emergency medical help when they become injured inside their living space.

Security System False Alarms – Causes and Solutions

In this article we list common causes and the solutions to false alarms. The causes of false alarms in burglar alarms can be separated into a few basic categories. The number one cause of false alarms however is directly related to

Burglar Alarm Monitoring Central Station

Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Burglar alarm monitoring is a service typically offered through an alarm installation company whereby, when the alarm is tripped a signal is sent from the alarm system to a central monitoring facility.

Hardwire Burglar Alarm Panel

Burglar Alarm System Types

Generally speaking there are three types of burglar alarms. The most basic form a burglar alarm system is a part of wired burglar alarm system. Each component of the burglar alarm system has a wire

Burglar Alarm Components, the equipment used in working systems

The most important part of a burglar alarm system is  the  control panel or motherboard. The motherboard acts as the brains to the system. Most of the programming of a burglar alarm system, as well as the wiring connections, occur at the motherboard.