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Utilitech battery powered digital wall switch timer instructions

We’ve published Owner’s Manual programming instructions for the battery powered digital wall switch timer here in English, français, Español

How to Install an Articulating TV Wall Mount

How to troubleshoot your Internet Connection

The cause of your Internet Connection going out could result from any number of conditions. In this article we’ll show you 3 quick tips for identifying the source of Internet Connection problems and what you might be able to do to reset your Internet connection.

A Simple way to rent online movies and stream them to your high def TV

We were listening to a radio program one day and a guest on the radio program noted that a lot of people like to rent movies but don’t know how to rent them online and play them on their big screen TV. Actually, its reasonably simple. In this article we’re going to list the things you need

How to hook up an antenna to a VCR an old TV

Antenna - VCR - TV Connection Diagram

Connect a Sceptre Sound Bar to Sharp Aquos TV

Here we’ll outline one simple option for connecting this Sharp Aquos TV with this  Spectre soundbar.

How to connect iPhone to TV

In this article we are going to show you the two ways how to connect an iPhone or iPad to your TV. There are two methods, one is hardwired and the other is wireless.

Connect a Blu Ray player to a TV - Composite

How to Connect a Blu Ray player to a TV

In this article we are going to show you 6 easy steps for How to Connect Blu Ray to TV. We are going to show you which is the best connection wire to use and how to make the connection on the back of the Blu Ray player and the back of your TV.

Connect DVD to TV using composite video cable

How to connect a DVD to a TV

In this article we are going to show you 6 very simple steps for How to Connect DVD to TV. We will show you how to decide which type of connection cable to use and the best connection method as well as the least costly way to Connect your DVD player or portable DVD player to a TV.

How to Program WiFi access on iPad

Installing a TV behind a mirror, the complete step by step guide.

The idea of putting a TV behind a mirror is pretty cool and in some cases, even a necessity. We’re going to take you through the steps for installing a TV behind a 2-way mirror.

How to Sync Apps from iPhone to iTunes

In this article we are going to talk you through How to Sync Apps from iPhone to iTunes. iTunes is a digital media sharing application for Mac or PC that allows the user to organize and play music and videos on computer.

How to Open RAR on Mac

Mac Operating System, commonly known as Mac OS, might be tricky to use if you are switching from the Windows Operating System. Certain terms and labels in the Mac OS might confuse new users

How to transfer photos from mac to iPad

If you recently started using iTunes then chances are that you will not have a clear idea of how to transfer photos from Mac to iPad.

How to Update Apps on iTunes

– for your iPhone

For most part, you can update your iPhone applications directly from your phone but sometimes, the size of the application is too large or the downloading limit of your network is small.