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Portable Power Pack Review – Palm Power

The more you use your portable devices like an iPhone, tablet PC or mp3 player chances are good the more you also realize how easily it is to quickly drain your device’s battery. Over the course of a number of months we set out to review a portable power pack, we took a few months to compile our review because basically, let’s face it, battery packs are boring right?

Smartwatch comparison, we list features of 9 different watches.

With recent buzz surrounding Smart watches, and given there are so many from which to choose, we set out to learn exactly what each is capable of doing along with their respective phone compatibilities and price.

Review of what makes the Vizio S4251 5.1 Surround Home Theater Sound Bar and Subwoofer such an awesome find

We are always on the lookout for what we believe are terrific home electronic products which we feel strong about reviewing; we believe the Vizio S4251  is just such a product. Stick with us and see if you don’t agree.

Tile review, the product that helps you find stuff you lose.

If you’ve ever misplaced or lost something valuable like your keys, electronic gear, purse or anything else important in your life you’ll want to discover this product named “Tile”, help is on the way.

internet on the go review

Internet on the Go, a 739 mile Road Trip Review

This article is a complete Internet on the Go Review and is based on using the device over a period of 3 weeks.

If you’re not entirely certain what is Internet on the Go let’s take a moment to briefly describe what it is, what it does, and why you might want one.

iGrill Review

iGrill - Grilling food thermometer Bluetooth App

TomTom Car Kit for iPod Touch Review

How would you feel if your iPod touch also starts acting as a GPS navigator along with playing your favorite songs and adding sound tracks to your life? With the TomTom car kit for iPod Touch, you can

iHome ihm79

Laptop users and ardent music listeners are always on the lookout for small yet powerful speakers that they can transport around with them easily without fear of damage.

bose sounddock 10 digital ipod music system

BOSE iPod Sound Dock 10 Review

In designing the Sound Dock for iPod BOSE engineers first had to decide to build the best docking speaker system for an iPod. After a lot of research and development effort Bose engineers were able to

Looxcie Headset Camera

Looxcie Headset Camera is a video camera you wear on your head so that your hands can remain free and Looxcie can see what you see. The design of the lookcie is so that you can capture the images that you see, more easily, when you’re going about your daily activities. This way you don’t miss anything.

Onkyo CS 245 345

Onkyo CS-245 Colibrino Stereo Review

Onkyo CS- 245 Stereo Mini System with iPhone / iPod dock review. This device is for listening to CDs or a USB stick full of music and of course, listening to your iPod or iPhone. It has a built-in tuner. It comes with two speakers in the box. It also comes with a remote control. It comes with accessories like cabling, antenna, and power plug. It is available in a number of different colors: white, green, red, black, dark green, and brown.

Rovio WiFi Robot

Rovio Review

Schlage Link

Schlage Link Review

In this article you will find all the information about the Schlage Link system such as:

what is it 

optional features

how does it work

how is it installed and setup

what are the costs


Launchport Review

When we first discovered Launchport we got pretty excited; it has to be the coolest iPad charging system out. And, it’s bound to simplify the way we do certain things in our homes and offices.


Heard about Pandora a couple years back from a client. We were in the process of integrating all their systems, the entertainment systems we’re to be controlled by one remote control. The client let us know about their love of Pandora;